2020 Prairie Stars 13th Annual Fundaraiser

Interested in being a Sponsor??

Underwritters - $2,500 
Eco-Sponsor - $1,000
Prairie Partner - $500 
Voyager Sponsor - $250 

Due to COVID-19, we have missed out on our busiest program months of the year and been forced to cancel Music Under the Prairie Stars, our biggest fundraiser.  We find ourselves amid unprecedented budget concerns and our team continues doing whatever it takes to remain strong and poised to resume, full speed ahead, when things start returning to normal. 

Through all of this,
we are certain of two things; We value your past friendship and support and we will emerge from this current challenge!  Our board humbly asks that you consider donating what you normally would have donated at the Prairie Stars event to help us get over this hurdle.  Of course, ANYTHING you can contribute is sincerely appreciated!